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Confirmit Legal Notices



Confirmit is a product designed, developed, owned, maintained, marketed and sold by CONFIRMIT. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and international copyright is held by CONFIRMIT.

Copyright @ 2017 CONFIRMIT. All Rights Reserved

Confirmit is a comprehensive product incorporating diverse integrated operational and technical functionality. To satisfy market expectations whilst maintaining the desired tempo of the development cycle, CONFIRMIT has been obliged to utilise 3rd Party Software Components.

General Attribution

The IPR, trademark and copyright of the original form of each 3rd Party Software Component remains at all times vested in the original owner of the appropriate component.

Specific Attributions


This product includes software developed by OpenStreetMap for which:
Portions Copyright @ OpenStreetMap contributors


This product includes software developed by notnoop for which:
Portions Copyright @ 2009, Mahmood Ali.